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About PolyREC®



PolyREC® is a non-profit industry association which aims to provide plastics recyclers and converters with a common data collection tool - RecoTrace™ - to record and monitor data on plastics recycling tonnages and recycled material use in Europe.

This system fulfils the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) monitoring objectives, legislative traceability demands, and industry wide plastic recycling pledges.

PolyREC® benefits from the experience of its member VinylPlus®, which brings 20 years’ experience and expertise in collecting credible recycling data for the PVC value chain.

Through establishing a common data collection system for all polymers, PolyREC® seeks to ensure traceability, transparency, and trust in recycled material along the entire plastics value chain.


Our mission is to monitor, verify, and report on European plastics recycling volumes and the use of the respective recycled material.

Established in 2021 by 

Board of directors

  • Jens Kathmann (SCS)

  • Ton van der Giessen (PCEP)

  • Stefan Sommer (VinylPlus)

  • Ton Emans (PlasticRecyclersEurope)

  • Katharina Schlegel (PlasticsEurope)

  • Christian Crepet (Petcore Europe)

  • Jürgen Lang (EUMEPS)

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