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Why join PolyREC®?

Demonstrate commitment and drive progress towards circularity  


PolyREC® members recognise the need for building a robust overview of the recycled plastics market in Europe based on valid, reliable and accurate data. Given that the circular plastics economy is a complex and many-faceted system, having full confidence in recycled market figures can support investment decisions and act as a motivating force for the value chain to drive faster, fuller adoption of circularity.

In addition, the monitoring of audited data on plastic recycling and conversion will generate the first available credible data set on the volumes of pre-consumer in addition to post-consumer plastic waste contributing to the recycled plastics flow in Europe.

This meets an ever-increasing demand from regulators and external stakeholders to provide highly robust datasets to inform and support legislative measures such as mandatory recycled content targets, taxes and tax exemptions.

By joining PolyREC®, all value chain actors and stakeholders can demonstrate commitment to circularity as well as accountability against individual pledges for uptake of recycled content.

Contribute to a harmonised, pan-European, third-party audited system  


Joining PolyREC® enables companies to work collaboratively with existing members to advance the setup of a common data monitoring system that guarantees transparency of the circular movement of Europe’s polymers.

PolyREC® facilitates the gathering of data at each step of the recycling value-chain - from origin of waste to the use of recycled plastic - by polymer, sector and country, in a fully harmonized and competition compliant manner across Europe.

Wider value chain representation within PolyREC® membership therefore ensures the recorded data is comprehensive, consistent and comparable across polymers and sectors whilst the quality, rigour and competence of the database itself are verified and maintained by independent third-party auditing.

Ensure compliance with the Circular Plastics Alliance declaration  


Launched by the European Commission in 2018, the Circular Plastic Alliance (CPA) set a goal of boosting the EU market for recycled plastics to 10 million tonnes by 2025. The Alliance covers the full plastics value chain and includes over 282 organisations representing industry, academia and public authorities, all of whom committed to establish a monitoring system that will be “transparent, trusted and ensure traceability of data”. PolyREC® was established in 2021 with the goal to enable European recyclers and converters, across all polymers and sectors, to register their data in a CPA-compliant common data collection tool - RecoTrace. By joining PolyREC®, companies across the plastics value chain - including raw material producers, convertors, recyclers, waste operators, retailers, brand-owners, as well as Extended Producer Responsibility schemes and public authorities - can ensure compliance with the CPA declarationPolyREC® and its members equally encourage contribution of data from all companies involved in recycling and use of recycled material to help establish the most robust overview possible of the European recycled plastics market.

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