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What is RecoTrace®?

RecoTrace® is a multi-polymer online data collection system. It records and monitors data, on both plastics recycling tonnages and recycled material use, across Europe.
The system builds on Recovinyl®’s 20+ years of data collection experience and expertise.

How is RecoTrace® helping recyclers and converters?

RecoTrace™ helps companies tracking their progress towards circularity and make their tonnages count towards the Circular Plastics Alliance goal (10 million tons of recycled plastics used by 2025 in Europe), as well as national recycling and recycled content targets.

Building robust plastics recycling datasets

Understanding the size and dynamics of the European recycled plastics market will help inform future legislation and investment decisions that accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics.


RecoTrace® records recycling tonnages and recycled material use


PO, PET, PVC, PS, EPS, XPS, PA, ABS and PC accepted


Open to all European plastics recyclers and converters


The use of RecoTrace® is free of charge


RecoTrace® ensures strict data confidentiality and competition compliance

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Collected data from recyclers and converters in RecoTrace®

How is the RecoTrace® collected data aggregated and stored?

All data are stored and aggregated in strict confidentiality and in full compliance with EU Competition Law.
When companies use RecoTrace®, their data are stored in different compartments according to their polymer types. Polymer data are then separately aggregated by their designated PolyREC® representatives, under strict individual NDA, to ensure data confidentiality and prevent any exchange of information between polymers in alignment with EU Competition Law.
Only aggregated and anonymised data are reported to the Board members of PolyREC® and the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) secretariat, and can be used to report on other industry pledges
RecoTrace® users remain the owners of their data. Collected data will never be used for commercial purposes. More information can be found in the RecoTrace®’s terms and conditions.

What our users say:

With Recotrace, I’ve witnessed a transformation in how we approach PVC sustainability. It’s a key tool in boosting the circular economy and its traceability in Europe.

Roman Engel, Project Manager Referent Recycling & Circular Economy, Profine GmbH Profine GmbH
Roman Engel, Project Manager Referent Recycling & Circular Economy, Profine GmbH

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RecoTrace is a user-friendly tool designed to enhance our understanding of recycling content data, fostering transparency in information.

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Data sharing is important for the future of circular plastics. RecoTrace is developed in a way to make it as easy as possible and with the security that it isn’t traceable to one company.

“With Recotrace, we can now easily track the increase in the volumes of recycled and used rPVC in Europe. It’s a game-changer for sustainability in our industry.”

Wolfgang Hoven, Manager Kreislaufwirtschaft Salamander
Wolfgang Hoven, Manager Kreislaufwirtschaft

Recotrace is the bridge between converters and recyclers, making it easier than ever to collaborate and drive circularity in the PVC industry.

Christian Fischer Schüco
Christian Fischer

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